Sexual Exploration

If you’d like to take your sexuality to “the next level” I can help you:

  • discover new ways to experience pleasure
  • explore possibilities that you have not had opportunities for previously
  • focus on your own sensory experience without having to worry about taking care of your intimate partner
  • explore and practice “advanced” forms of pleasure, e.g. full-body orgasm, female ejaculation, etc.

I create a safe environment for you to explore and experiment in.  Essentially, I’m your “laboratory assistant”, you’re the research scientist, and your topic of study is you.  In any session, you set the limits and always have the choice of whether to stop, change, or continue any exercise or experience, according to your feelings and comfort zone in-the-moment.

If you have questions, check out the other pages on the sidebar to the left or complete the form below.

All inquiries are confidential.

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