Other Concerns

The holistic healing techniques I use can be applied to nearly any kind of concern, difficulty, challenge, healing or wellness goal:

  • worry or fear
  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • boundary problems (e.g. trouble saying “no”)
  • depression
  • shame
  • body image
  • self-worth or self-esteem
  • abuse recovery
  • dissociating or “spacing out”
  • marital/relationship challenges
  • communication difficulties
  • avoidance of intimacy (e.g. being overly private or having a public persona)
  • difficulty leaving an unsatisfying or harmful relationship
  • difficulty starting a new relationship after an abusive one
  • jealousy
  • insecurity
  • automatic responsibility or control (e.g. taking on too much)
  • avoidance of responsibility or control
  • overfocus or substitution (e.g. a “neat freak” with messy relationships)
  • being overly competitive (others may see you as greedy)
  • being overly generous (others may see you as a “doormat”)
  • being overly demanding (others may see you as a bully)
  • shyness or social discomfort
  • reactivity (a “temper” or being “sensitive” or a “drama queen”)
  • trust (e.g. generally too trusting, slow to trust, or not trusting yourself)
  • ambivalence or “commitmentphobia”
  • self-sabotage or self-oppression
  • addiction or other self-harming behaviour
  • frequently engaging in high-risk activities
  • overcomplicating or oversimplifying (creating extra work for yourself)
  • chronic pain
  • difficulty receiving or feeling pleasure
  • aversion to touch (e.g. needing lots of “personal space” on public transit)
  • procrastination (difficulty starting things)
  • perfectionism (overdoing or not finishing things)
  • blocked creativity
  • rigidity (e.g. unhelpful beliefs)
  • inhibitions or obsessive behaviours
  • and more

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