How do I do it?

I offer an integrated path to healing and discovery using a variety of techniques appropriate to your needs/goals and within your comfort zone:

  • dialogue – “traditional” conversation-based techniques
  • planned experiential – “homework assignments” you would report back on
  • guided experiential – I would coach you through an exercise and observe
  • receptive experiential – I would provide you with a sensory (touch) experience
  • interactive experiential – I would provide you with practice, e.g. role play, or actual experience

I use a holistic approach, integrating appropriate elements from:

  • coaching and counselling
  • massage
  • re-enactments and role-play
  • yoga and meditation
  • personal fitness training
  • sexuality coaching
  • Tantra, Secular Buddhism and other spiritual paths
  • and many other sources

Sessions are available in a variety of configurations to suit your needs and preferences:

  • Coaching is available by e-mail, Skype, telephone or in-person
  • In-person experiential sessions are available in my office or in your home*.
    • 1-on-1
    • 1-on-2 – I work with you and your partner
    • 2-on-1 – I and a female practitioner work with you
    • 2-on-2 – I and a female practitioner work with you and your partner

If you’re already in therapy or working with a healing professional, I could be your surrogate partner, providing you with practical experiences to support your healing process. Essentially, they would continue helping you as they are now, and I would provide experiences (for example, mindful touch, a.k.a. sacred touch) to help you in your goals, much like a physiotherapist would help you recover from a physical injury.

For in-person experiential sessions, I recommend 2 hours, and 90 minutes is the minimum session time.  Simple coaching sessions can be as short as 60 minutes if you prefer.

To contact me, enter your e-mail address and question on the form below,  or e-mail me at  For a sense of what to expect in a session, click here.

* If you do not live in Toronto, contact me about travelling to your location.

All inquiries are confidential.

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