What to expect

If you’re wanting “more” from life, I’ll help you identify your restrictions and work at loosening them. If you’ve experienced any kind of abuse, or have any kind of “issues” with men, I offer you an uncommon healing opportunity – a gentle way to directly counteract your negative experiences.

Trust is the foundation of the work I do. You’ll give me a limited amount of trust at the beginning, and then it’s up to me.

I provide a safe environment for you to explore and discover yourself in ways you generally can’t with other people. At some point in your work, you’ll likely experience very primal emotions: fear, anger, sadness, and sometimes overwhelming joy. You’ll likely feel somewhat vulnerable

as you examine parts of yourself that are usually kept hidden from others. You’ll feel relief and greater confidence as you overcome shame and embrace your true self. You may even learn to “have fun” in ways you didn’t know you could.

You’ve already decided you want something to change.  My approach is a mixture of offering my perspective and experience, and helping you explore possibilities that are within you.  It’s up to you to choose what you want to work on and in what order. I’ll work with you to implement the changes you want and to learn the new skills you desire.

Everything I do in sessions is with the utmost respect, compassion, patience and awareness. Everything you do in sessions is by choice. I take particular care with clients who have challenges around saying “no”, and for those clients, boundaries often become the focus of our work; there’s a big difference between wanting something and merely allowing, tolerating or enduring it.

You set the pace and limits during your sessions with me. I will work within those limits, and – if your objective is personal growth – I’ll sometimes work near your ”

edge” or explicitly invite you to stretch into uncomfortable territory and then support you in your processing. I’ll frequently check in with you about your feelings-of-the-moment. Your session work will often include time for reflection about your experience, what you’ve learned about yourself and where you want to go next.

To request a consultation, complete the form below or e-mail me at phil@bodyconnections.ca.  For more information about me, click here.

All inquiries are confidential.

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