What do I do?

I help women* with intimacy and sexuality concerns move from experiencing their body as a source of disappointment, frustration or pain to enjoying their body as the source of pleasure and vitality it was meant to be.

  • Do you find it easy to ask for what you want?
  • Are your intimate relationships not working the way you’d like them to?
  • What kinds of conversations or activities do you find awkward or difficult?
  • Do you suffer from pain or anxiety?
  • What situations make you uncomfortable and how does this limit you?
  • What patterns and habits do you have that you’d like to change?

By connecting with your body and gently expanding your “comfort zone” I can help you make the changes you desire, and experience more vitality and more pleasure in your life.

My holistic approach goes beyond regular “talk therapy” and is particularly helpful for improving intimate relationships, exploring your sexualitysexual healingtrauma recovery and scar tissue remediation, as well as other concerns that have effects on the body.

For more information about my sessions, click here or check out the other pages on the sidebar to the left.  To request a consultation, complete the form below.

* I work with all female-identified persons (cis, trans, etc.) individually or in the context of their intimate relationship(s).

All inquiries are confidential.

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